littlesteamy asked: Yowch. :c I was beginning to wonder where you had gone to. If you need any help or anything just let me know. :3

sure thing! :)

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dana-elizabeth22 asked: I don't have a question but I just wanna tell you I adore this blog ! Thank you for making it <3

thank you and you’re welcome!

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backtostairs-deactivated2013021 asked: I love your blog! ♥

thank you!

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take-a-step-into-another-world asked: you have the best blog! i love it so much!! xx

thank you! 

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peachila asked: This blog, is fucking amazing.

thanks so much <3

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l-um0s asked: How do you use GIF's as your background? :) xx

I just make the gifs in photoshop and put the words over them (:

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project-be-you-tiful asked: Do you mind promoting my blog? If you want to know what Project Be-You-Tiful is, check it out? Thanks. :)xx


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13oomerang asked: Could you possibly do Rascal Flatts lyrics? They've got some good ones and I love how you make your pictures :)

I might do some from Bless The Broken Road because I LOVE that song!

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datass-darlin asked: thanks for using my lyric :D its one of my favorites :D xoxoxo

:) ♥

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Anonymous asked: No Big Time Rush? or am I just missing it? Loll

Haven’t made any yet ;)

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